Young Money Readies Their Second Compilation Album


Weezy and company (YMCMB), has slated March 11th.2014 as the release date of their second compilation album. Yet this time things are a little different, which means this album could actually carry a lot more weight. Back in 2009, when the first Young Money compilation dropped (We Are Young Money), Wayne was on top of the world, and his new found talent Drake and Nicki were destined for stardom. Yet fast forward to 2014, 5 years later, and it’s evident the situation is clearly different. Weezy isn’t the same Weezy, with his lyrics on a decline, Drizzy is turning into an enigma when it comes to his Cash Money situation. Ponder for a minute, Weezy’s last major effort, the “Dedication 5“, Drake didn’t appear. On “Nothing Was The Same“, Drake’s last major effort, Weezy didn’t appear.  It’s official, conspiracy theorist can go to work.  But back to the matter at hand, YMCMB is really in a rebuilding stage. Birdman has been stated as saying in so many words that this record will showcase new talent and the next stars of Young Money. But if the first single, “We Alright” featuring Euro is any indication, then the Young Money empire is in trouble. I’m not saying that Euro is a trash artist, because he is not, it’s just the same star power that Drake showed early, he doesn’t have. Even the single, “We Alright” is just Alright. It’s not the typical YMCMB radio killer. Birdman who also featured on the track, delivers his usual lackluster verse, while Weezy (far from the mixtape Weezy) shows glimpses of his former self, yet still not what we as fans are longing for.  So with fingers crossed let’s hope that 2014 is the year for a YMCMB rebirth.



Young Money feat.Euro, Lil Wayne & Birdman – “We Alright”


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