Yo Gotti – “I Am” (Stream)


Slowly but surely Mario Mims, or better known to the world as Yo Gotti is starting to gain that elusive accolade known as “national recognition“.  With “I Am” officially going down as album number six, Yo Gotti is clearly becoming more of a house hold name.  With his own record imprint CMG backed by his new home of Epic Records, Gotta has set out to claim his spot in hip hop music. With big names such as T.I. and Wale on this album, clearly that shouldn’t be a problem. Currently his single “Act Right” is getting major spins, and with his follow-up single “King Shit” featuring the King Of The South; T.I., catching blaze as well, this should go down as another solid release from Gotti.


Yo Gotti – “I Am


Available Nov. 19th



Make sure you hit the stores, Amazon, Itunes, or however you cop your music and purchase multiple copies of this joint!


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