Tidal Gets The Exclusive To The First Single From The “FreeWeezyAlbum”

As the drama at Cash Money continues to fester, their flagship artist seems to be setting his career goals elsewhere. Today Weezy officially became a co-owner of the Jay Z endorsed music streaming service “Tidal“.  The situation is kind of odd, considering that the two megastars (Wayne and Hova) were seemingly at odds a few years ago. Yet I guess the turmoil over at Cash Money can be contributed as the catalyst for this move by Tunechi. Yet this was not the only surprise Wayne had in store for today, he also used Tidal to release the first single, “Glory” from his “FWA‘ (FreeWeezyAlbum).  With the “Carter 5” still in limbo, and lackluster singles (“Believe me” and “Grinding” ) failing to induce anticipation , the expectations for this single was not that high.  So when I finally peeped the “Glory” record, I damn near hit the floor. Without a doubt this is probably the best record Weezy has released over the last 5 years.  It is old school Wayne blacking out on a beat, reminiscent of his “A Milli” days.  Is Weezy back to “mixtape Weezy“? The answer is clearly “no”, but this is the closest he has come in a long time. So maybe the issues at Cash Money has lit a fire, a fire that will hopefully revitalize Weezy’s career, We shall see what the future holds.




Lil Wayne – “Glory”

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