The Greatest Jack Move Of All Time!

It’s NFL playoff weekend and in the terms of music output, it’s kind of slow at the office. So a partner and I decided to spark up one of our typical debates. Who in hip hop has performed the “greatest jack move of all time“? In order words, which rapper has jumped on the instrumental of a track and outshined the original artist? After much discussion, we both came to the conclusion, that the title belongs to Weezy.

The year was 2007, Mike Jones was prepping for his second album, “The American Dream“. Mike’s 15 minutes of fame was winding down and his label felt that he should drop an EP instead of full Album. His first single out of the gate was “Mr.Jones.”


Mr.Jones” was actually a decent song. The hook was catchy and it stuck to the Mike Jones formula. But a hungry Lil Wayne was still aiming for the “greatest rapper of all time” crown and he was looking for instrumentals to destroy. He was prepping his “Da Drought 3” mixtape and decided to tackle the “Mr.Jones” instrumental. In typical Wayne fashion, he straight murked it. Not only did he murk it, he made us forget about the original song. He made the instrumental his.


Wayne named the track “Ride 4 My Niggas (The Sky Is The Limit)and the rest is history. It’s almost as if the “Mr.Jones” track never existed. Much props to Weezy for delivering the greatest jack move of all time.



Mike Jones – “Mr. Jones


Lil Wayne – “Ride 4 My Niggas (Sky Is The Limit)

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