The Cosign………. Peso

This week’s “Cosign” goes out to an artist by the name of “Peso“.

“Starting rap during the early 90’s, Peso is what we call an experienced mc. Peso begin his journey under several rap names and with different rap groups but begin to flourish as he stepped out to do his solo works.  His first solo album “Possession With Intent” took rap back to the streets with a lyrical twist.  It is rare to find an artist with the story telling skill and lyrical content that Peso has.  With the game changing everyday toward “club music”. Peso had taken it upon himself to make “real music” After meeting “Chad P“, and putting together “Altered Intent“, Peso founded “D.M.G.”.  Although Dynasty Music Group legacy is still being written, Peso is determined to have his music heard by the masses.  His new project “1080P in HD” promises to be an instant classic”


Peso is clearly putting out music that he is passionate about. It’s evident in his lyrics. He is the second artist I have featured out of the D.M.G. camp, so as you can hear, it’s true talent on that end. But like always, if you won’t take my word for it, go peep him for yourself…..


PesoIf Ion Make It


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