T.G.I.F., Nah…..Bring on Saturday!!!!

What up world? Another Friday has crept up on us, and along with it, your usual dose of dopeness and ignorance. Yet before I begin, this post and any thereafter, will be brought to you by …….

Simply Lemonade Raspberry

If this heavenly beverage does not occupy at least 3 spots in your refridgerator, then I’m sure your weekends consist of Sandford & Son reruns and folding laundry! Get a life and go guzzle a jug!

Ok, now that we have got that out of the way, I’ve got to shout out the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul”, Mary J. Blige! Her new album “My Life 2” will surely fall into the classic bin if she keeps churning out bangers like “25/8”! Just take a listen…..


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Next up on my list of dopeness, is the mixtape “P.A.R.” ( Peace After Revolution ) by the homie Sto’mac. Trust me people, this joint is pure fire from beginning to end.

Sto’mac – “Brandy”

If you are lame and your credit score is below a 300, then the fact that Nas and DJ Premier have a new joint together will not matter to you. But if you don’t fall into that category, you clearly realize this is major! Nas and Premo hooked with the Berklee Symphony Orchestra! Yes, you are reading this right, they did a record with a live orchestra and its mad dope.

DJ Premier & Nas“Regeneration”

But you all don’t forget, it is Friday and along with it being Friday, the ignorance has to tag along!

Christmas is fast approaching, but that still does not give Busta Rhymes the right to contribute to the monstrosity of this record…..

Justin Bieber feat. Busta Rhymes“Drummer Boy”

Aye Busta, what’s the deal bruh? Yeah, I understand you are trying to recapture your glory days, but damn dude! This joint is just horrendous! Please for me and the rest of the world, if the two of you ever hook up again for a record, do us all a favor and don’t record it! Thanks in advance!

Soulja Boy got arrested for marijuana and gun possession was the main headlines this past week! But what should have got some publicity was his hairline! Seriously tho, with all the money you have, please invest in a new barber.

But you all enjoy your friday, i’m headed out to enjoy the night with my queen. You all be easy!

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