Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Almost Done????

Lil Wayne has been a hot topic as of late.  The Young Money star made major headlines late last year when he tweeted that he wanted to leave the label that he helped create.  As of now, we can only speculate what is going on behind the scenes at Cash Money.  Besides the tweets, much has not come out of the camp from either party.  But it’s clear that there is some tension.  Whatever it may be, Wayne has stated that the Carter 5 is being held hostage, so as we continue to wait for the situation to play out, Weezy has promised us the second installment to his “Sorry 4 The Wait” mixtape series. The first offering from “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” is Weezy’s take on Future’sShit” record.  It’s safe to say that Tunechi went at this track with something to prove and he straight spazzed on it.  It has been awhile since “mixtape Weezy” has shown his face, and it’s refreshing to know that he may be back.  He even dedicates a few bars to address the Cash Money situation, yet it’s not much information to run with.  I have always heard that adversity makes for good music, so this entire situation may find Wayne back at his pinnacle.  Lets all hope things work out in Weezy’s favor.  Take a listen to Wayne’sShit“(remix) below….




Lil Wayne – “Sh!t Remix

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