Slept On Album Of 2015……….. Love At First Sound – “AUDRA”

AUDRA is named after Love At First Sound’s older sister, whose voice weaves the tracks together into a painful and poignant narrative. “Her voice always served as a guardian angel in my life,” says Love at First Sound. “When she [left me] voicemails, I saved them and listened to them like music.”

So why release it all now? “I use the opportunity of creating music as an escape,” he says. “It’s a way for me to deal with myself, to look at my flaws and learn from them … [On AUDRA], I’m finally accepting my voice.”

The internet can be an amazing avenue to find new music, yet it’s that rare instance where new music surfaces and it’s extremely dope. This is where Love At First Sound comes into play.  Last year in July, I received an email, very sparse in words, yet the music that was attached to it made up for it. There was an link directing me to a soundcloud page by an artist known as Love At First Sound. I was fan from that moment on. Seven months later I still find myself coming back to this album, especially to the track “Songs Written About Girls“.

Love At First Sound


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