Rick Ross – “Hood Billionaire” (Stream)

Rick Ross is attempting to accomplish a feat that few artists are even willing to attempt.  That is to drop two successful albums in one year. Back in the 90’s, this was not must of a stretch.  If you all remember, Dmx not only dropped two albums in 1998, he dropped two platinum albums. Welcome to the digital age!  Times have changed, and in 2014 so far, no rapper has earned a platinum plaque yet.  Even as successful at Rozay has been throughout his career, that elusive platinum plaque still eludes him.  With his upcoming album “Hood Billionaire” going down as album 7 for Ross, the platinum plaque still may not come, yet a good album is almost guaranteed from Ross. With 6 albums under his belt (not counting Hood Billionaire), his track record for quality material has been superb. Yet Hood Billionaire will without a doubt add to Rozay’s legacy.  Using some frequent collaborators (Jay Z , R.Kelly) and beat makers (Timbaland, Lex Luger) Ross dishes up that luxury, dopeboy rap he is known for.


Rick Ross – “Hood Billionaire

Available November. 24th


Make sure you hit the stores, AmazonItunes, or however you cop your music and purchase multiple copies of this joint!




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