Remixed ( Top 5 Hip Hop Records Completely Redone )


What is a remix? …………………… This is the question that I have been pondering over and guess what…… I’m still pondering.  Throughout my life I have heard plenty of what I thought were remixes.  Then it hit that I had never sat down and put a definition to the word “remix“.  After a careful thought process, I narrowed down the word “remix” into 3 separate categories.  If a song fell into any one of those categories, I guess technically it would be considered a remix.  Category three consists of the original record being completely redone. This category is the holy grail of remixes. This category is my favorite when it come to the “remix“.  So I decided to compile my top 5 and you can take a listen below………………………



 1.) Nas – “Street Dreams” (Remix)




 2.) Raekwon – “Rainy Dayz” (Remix)



 3.) Big Pun – “I’m Still Not A Player” ( I’m Not A PlayerRemix )



 4.) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – “Tha Crossroads” ( Crossroad Remix )



 5.) Biggie – “One More Chance ( Stay With Me – Remix )

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