PSA: Taking The “L” Isn’t As Bad As We Think

Juve The Great was stated that “You better run for it, run it, run!!!!!” …..and I’m about to explain to you what he meant……

Over the past days, taking the infamous “L” aka The Loss, has been put on showcase for the world to see in the celebrity community. Some may shun at  the thought of taking the “L“, even I’m not a stout supporter, yet there are times when taking the loss is necessary. Let’s start with exhibit “A”……..

The Game Vs. 40 Glocc

To make a long story short, The Game and 40 Glocc beef dates back a few years. Whether you choose to consider that The Game is Blood affiliated and that 40 Glocc is Crip affiliated, or that 40 Glocc is kicking with G-Unit and The Game is no longer apart of the crew, it all sums up to the fact that these two really don’t like each other. But the two recently crossed paths, and with today’s technology, we got video of the altercation. Now disregard the fact that The Game showed up with an entourage to deliver the fade to 40 Glocc , while recording the entire moment on his phone. Shit is pure comedy b! How do you show up throwing Mayweather haymakers with your right hand, but yet shooting Steven Spielberg footage with your left? I literally shed a few tears after peeping this joint. But let it be known, I support 40 Glocc’s actions 100%! Sometimes you gotta know when to take the “L“, and this was the perfect case. Sometimes you gotta haul ass and get the fuck up outta dodge! Clearly 40 Glocc was outnumbered and let him tell it, The Game and his crew had guns. For all you new niggas, take notes and remember what I’m about to tell you……”YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE!, YOUR ASS CAN GET BEAT!!” Only in the mind of a new nigga, can a dude John Rambo a group of 30 goons and live to tweet about it and upload the footage on WorldStar! This is real life, if guns are drawn and you are outnumbered, acting tough will only get “R.I.P. t-shirts” hand delivered to your family. Take that battery out of your back and know it’s ok to take the “L“. Now peep exhibit “B”…….

Charlamagne Tha God Vs. Let Me Get That DropGoons

From start to end, this is pure comedy. Once again the obvious, “niggas show up filming with a phone, shit is probably about to go down” scenario takes place. We all know that CThaGod is known for talking shit. Currently him and FunkFlex gotta a little spat going on between the two. Quote me now, but I’m 23% sure FunkFlex probably had some dealings with this situation, but aye, I’m just a blogger. But as I stated above in the situation involving 40 Glocc, my same opinion applies, I support CThaGod 100%. Dude was completely authentic for skating off into the building. He was clearly outnumbered and I’m sure an ass whooping wasn’t on the agenda at 5:00 am. So yes, taking the “L” was legit in this situation as well. Better believe the jokes are gonna flow and the phrases will be coined..i.e “Let me get that drop“!, I’m laughing as I type this, but both 40 Glocc and CThaGod survived to live another day. Isn’t that the goal?

So to sum it all up, you all got to realize, we can’t win every fight. We all have to make split second decisions that can affect if we go home or end up at Barnum’s Funeral Home up the street. So you all can continue to front for your twitter followers if you choose to, but damn that,  I’m hauling ass. Damn yall, laugh all you want. I’m good tho. I have to no problem man’ing up and taking the “L“.

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