Be Easy Weezy!

I am not a huge Lil Wayne fan, but I respect dude. I was telling mofo’s  that his “How to love” joint was hot, but mofos just love to debate, claiming the joint was wack and would not be a hit! Well damn it, Wayne made a video and my respect for him and the song went up about 2 notches….

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After a few leaked joints such as “She Will”, I was starting to think the “Carter 4” might be epic, then I realized Wayne just can not chill! Dude just will not be easy! This false blood claiming is just out of hand! If you are grown man over the age of 18 and you honestly believe Weezy is a blood, then it is clear that sit down to piss and sleep with night lights. It is not up for debate, just accept it. Then it seems that someone has told Wayne he is related to Tony Hawk, because dude seriously thinks he is a professional skater. Dude had to get 9 stitches after falling off a skateboard!!! Somebody please get Wayne all the way the fuck up out of here a.s.a.p.! And last but not least he goes out and does this….

Lil Wayne feat. Jada & Drake – “It’s Good

Supposedly this is an diss toward Jay Z! Check the third verse out by Wayne. Wayne do you honestly Hov is worried about you at the moment? “Watch The Throne” has officially been certified Gold and….

Forbes Magazine has dubbed Jay-Z and Beyonce “Music’s Most Powerful Couple” after bringing home $80 million this year.

The couple has also been given the No. 2 spot of the “World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples” earlier this year, under Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady who are estimated to have brought in $238 million this past year.

The entertainment power duo however brought in $72 million, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were No. 3 with $50 million”

Well Wayne as you can see, Hov does not even have you in his sights! He’s planking on a million and wake up every morning next to Beyonce’s box draped in $300 Fredericks of Hollywood panties! So Wayne be easy bruh! Oh yeah, Weezy we ain’t forgot about this bruh….

But Wayne you be easy bruh, and I will address you again on my “Carter 4” review! You all be blessed, I’m out!

“Saturday nights ain’t shit!”

What up world??? My saturday started off in typical fashion by waking up, thanking the Lord, and indulging in a struggle breakfast for champs, Oatmeal! If your day does not start out with oatmeal and Simply lemonade “Raspberry”, you can rest assured that your credit score will always be low and you will never amount too much in life! It is not debatable. But after starting on such a good note, around 8:00p.m., my saturday went down hill! It clear from that point, I knew my saturday wouldn’t amount to shit…..

First up I received the most disturbing news that one could receive….Lil Zane, yes Lil Zane has a new mixtape out!

I was hoping someone was playing a cruel joke on me, but damn it, Zane has actually got in a studio and recorded music! “Saturday nights ain’t shit“!!!!

They say when it rains, it pours, and that holds up so true! It turns out that Romeo Miller ( Lil Romeo) also had the audacity to put out a mixtape!

For the world to get blessed with so much bullshit during one weekend, just proves we are in our last days people! Lil Zane & Lil Romeo at one time? This can’t be life! “Saturday nights ain’t shit!”

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Fuck it, this shit does not need a caption! “Saturday nights ain’t shit“!!!

Well that’s all for tonight world! The AC just went out in my car! The car struggle is real! Fuck it tho, “Saturday nights ain’t shit“!!!

Today in “Blank stare news”…..

Shout out to the Game for dropping the track “Daytona 500″(500 bars)! I can’t believe dude made a song that lasted damn near 20 minutes and my dumb ass actually listened to it!

Also word on the street is that Will Smith is back in the studio, working on a comeback album! I’m appalled! Better yet, can someone please send him a cease and desist letter a.s.a.p.

First it was Young Chris & Freeway, Jada & Styles P , and Busta & Dmx to jump on that “Otis” instrumental! They murked it, so no fade could be thrown their way. But today it went all down hill! I heard a version that Jha Jha did, then a version by Papoose, and then a version by Ne-yo, and etc….PLEASE, everyone stay away from the “Otis” track. My ears can take no more of the bullshit rhymes you all are spewing over that track! Thanks in advance!

So Jay Z says that after hearing J.Cole’s album that it is a classic! <===ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sometimes a nipple pops out, shit happens, but the show must go on……<==== Nikki Minaj

Messy Marv & Too $hort are beefing……….the million dollar question is “Who gives a shit”?

and that’s it for today in “Blank Stare News”

“No Rap Music Sundays”……….

First of all, what up world??? As the title suggests, there will be no rap music posts on Sundays! This is the day you put your tube socks high upon the coffee table, with your arms wrapped around some young tender, drinking a freshly purchased jug of “Simply Lemonade”! In other words, just chill and relax while the smooth grooves I post play softly thru your computer speakers.  It’s not up for debate. But before all that pops off, there are a few things I must address……….

What the fuck is this??

Pretty Ricky feat. H-Town & Jodeci – Knockin’ Your Heels

How dare the R&B gods converge and this is the bullshit that emerges? Who told Pretty Ricky that they could share a booth with R&B greats such as H-Town and Jodeci, and create this madness that plays on the link above! I’m appalled that someone even authorized this travesty! What’s sad is that I know some of you will probably say you dig that joint! For those of you who have the audacity to admit that, your ticket into heaven has been revoked! Smh!


And also, Marques Houston, aye bruh we need answers! Yeah, I know this is old, but it’s still funny!  All his music is voided until we get a clarification on this…..

And last but not least, Trigga Trey is just out here wilding and everybody is being quiet about it! Trey cut this shit out bruh. You are not a rapper, stick to singing! This joint is just horrid!

Trey Songz – Gucci Gucci

But that’s it people, I’m gonna let you all enjoy your Sundays!

Sincerely, Marques Scott

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