Notorious BIG ( May 21st 1972 – March 9th 1997 )


 Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls

It’s still hard to believe that it has been 16 years since the untimely death of Christopher Wallace.  At the tender age of 24, a talented life was taken entirely too soon. Literally with one album under his belt before his death, Biggie had made a significant impression on the rap world, such that many would consider him the greatest to ever touch a mic.  Whether you agree or disagree, there is no denying the fact that BIG made classic and timeless music. Even in 2013, I’m sure if “Notorious Thugs” or “One More Chance (Remix)” are played in the clubs, the end result will be everybody rushing the dance floor. Those records can still cause that type of reaction.


R.I.P. Biggie

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