“No Rap Music Sundays”……….

First of all, what up world??? As the title suggests, there will be no rap music posts on Sundays! This is the day you put your tube socks high upon the coffee table, with your arms wrapped around some young tender, drinking a freshly purchased jug of “Simply Lemonade”! In other words, just chill and relax while the smooth grooves I post play softly thru your computer speakers.  It’s not up for debate. But before all that pops off, there are a few things I must address……….

What the fuck is this??

Pretty Ricky feat. H-Town & Jodeci – Knockin’ Your Heels

How dare the R&B gods converge and this is the bullshit that emerges? Who told Pretty Ricky that they could share a booth with R&B greats such as H-Town and Jodeci, and create this madness that plays on the link above! I’m appalled that someone even authorized this travesty! What’s sad is that I know some of you will probably say you dig that joint! For those of you who have the audacity to admit that, your ticket into heaven has been revoked! Smh!


And also, Marques Houston, aye bruh we need answers! Yeah, I know this is old, but it’s still funny!  All his music is voided until we get a clarification on this…..

And last but not least, Trigga Trey is just out here wilding and everybody is being quiet about it! Trey cut this shit out bruh. You are not a rapper, stick to singing! This joint is just horrid!

Trey Songz – Gucci Gucci

But that’s it people, I’m gonna let you all enjoy your Sundays!

Sincerely, Marques Scott

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