New Generation of Female R&B Singers…#WhoHurtYouEdition

If you are a self-respecting, straight man, who works a 9-5, pays at least 2 bills late every month, and enjoys the company of your queen on Sunday, even while football is on, this post is for you! You new niggas will clearly see this as just another list of “R&B female singers”, but the wise veterans will no doubt, interpret this as a list of “ these females are highly unstable and I should avoid them at all costs “! So if you fall into the aforementioned category, proceed with caution as we dwell deep into the 5 most detrimental R&B female singers known to mankind that could possibly wipe out the entire male species with their songs of hurt and pity, if we are not careful! So in no particular order, let’s begin…..

1.) Keyshia Cole….

“I Should Have Cheated”

It’s so much terrorism going in this song and it’s at dangerous levels! The threat is blatant fellas, it’s clear she will cheat and probably has! Heed the warning!


2.) Marsha Ambrosius…..

“I Hope She Cheats On You ( With A Basketball Player )”


This joint is straight evil! Now only do she wants your queen to cheat on you, she wants the deceitful deed done with a nigga with more money than you! Just plain out hurtful!


3.) Jazmine Sullivan…..

“10 Seconds”

The video to this joint says it all! Fellas if your queen has this song anywhere in her collection, you probably need to start packing your bags! Leave now bruh!


4.) Melanie Fiona….

“4 A.M.”

This is the current reigning champ of #WhoHurtYouMusic! She’s up at 4a.m. plotting and scheming on ways to end your life! Fellas I have one phrase “Hot grits”!!!! Don’t come home, if you do, your life would surely end!


5.) K.Michelle……

“Fakin’ It”

This has gotta be the most disrespectful shit known to man! Damn all that acting tough, when fellas find out their queen faked her sexual pleasures, that can break a dude down at his soul!


All these songs have one thing in common, and that is to put the male species in the cobra clutch, and keep the female species on top! Fellas we gotta fight the powers that be and keep joints like these out of rotation! It’s our God given duty! So fellas if you all don’t wanna be toting your queen’s pocketbook while she tries on garments at your local Target or mowing the lawn on Superbowl sunday, watch out for this new generation of #WhoHurtYouMusic!

You all be blessed!

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