Merry Christmas…..Sincerely Barz ( Top 10 list )

What up world??? Another Christmas has appeared before us! Hopefully your blessings have been plentiful and the glow from your check engine light has been seen on very few occasion during this holiday season. Clearly if you are reading this, you have a lot to be thankful for. Yeah, I know that tomorrow when you wake up, gas will still be $3 a gallon and rent will still be due on the first, but you are breathing. Many didn’t make it to see another Christmas morning, so quit bitching, go ahead and lace that Egg Nog with the Ciroc flavor of your choice and prepare to be entertained! Oh yeah, by the way, Egg Nog is for the faggots! Don’t debate me bro, just accept it. But with Christmas, comes the Christmas music! This can be a great thing, so I decided to give you all my list of the 10 GREATEST Christmas songs ever recorded! Some of you all may not agree with my list, but guess what???….Nobody Cares B! So sit back and take a listen..

Temptations “Silent Night”

This is clearly the greatest Christmas tune ever recorded! You are clearly a terrorist if you disagree! I literally become an unofficial Temptation member when this joint comes on! You can hear the spirit of David Ruffin being channeled thru my soul when I’m crooning out this joint!


H Town“Knockin’ da boots ( on Christmas )”

Your soul is unhealthy if you don’t think this is one of the greatest Christmas tunes ever! These dudes took the idea of smashing your queen, added some sleigh bells, and made the second greatest Christmas song ever! You just can’t be heterosexual and disagree!


Easy E “Merry Muthafuckin’ X-mas”

You got Easy E and Rudy Ray Moore (Dolomite) on a track, which equals one of the most gangsta Christmas tunes ever! Everytime I peep this record, it just puts me in the spirit! If you don’t feel a certain “jolly’ness” when this joint is played, it’s clear you ain’t shit! It’s not debatable tho! No doubt about it, this is the third greatest Christmas song ever!


2 Live Crew“2 Live Christmas”

When I found out that Uncle Luke was gonna do a Christmas record, I knew deep down in my soul, it would be a pure classic! Yet after hearing it, Uncle Luke didn’t let me down! This joint will have you feeling merry and joyous on a cold winter night with your favorite young slim tender! That’s why this song falls into the fourth greatest Christmas song slot.


Quad City DJ’s “What you want for Christmas”

I can’t front, there were a few Christmas Eve’s when I broke a few sweats to this record! Don’t act like yall dudes didn’t dance, I know I wasn’t the only one! Damn yall, if you are laughing! And this joint rounds out my top five greatest Christmas tunes!


and here are 6 thru 10………………..

Boyz 2 Men“Let it snow”

Snoop “Santa claus goes straight to the ghetto”

TLC “Sleigh Ride”

Run Dmc “Christmas in Hollis”

Kanye West“Christmas in Harlem”

You all continue to enjoy your holiday and festivities, and be safe in your travels. From Barz to you and yours, Merry Christmas!!!!

Be blessed!

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