Kevin Gates Gives Us His First Major Label Backed Album

Baton Rouge’s own Kevin Gates gives us his first album on a major label, Atlantic Records. The album is titled “Islah“, which he takes the title from the name of his daughter. Sitting at 15 tracks (17 tracks if you purchase the deluxe version), we get to dwell in the world of Gates. Keeping the features to the bare minimum, only Trey Songz, Ty $ Sign, and Jamie Foxx show up, Gates delivers a pretty solid album.

The album is lead by the singles “2 Phones“, “Really Really“, and “Kno One“, with the latter track “Kno One” in my opinion being atrocious. Kevin Gates croons on that joint and the results are disastrous. Gates is known for incorporating crooning into more of his music, yet this attempt just fails. Kevin is by all means a versatile rapper and it’s evident on this album. If you disregard his social media antics and focus on his music, he is one of the best to come out of Louisiana.


Take a listen below, included is the Deluxe version….

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