Joey + Relationship Issues = O.L.S. 4 ( Ordinary Love Shit 4)

No matter how you feel about him, there is no denying that Joey is talented.  Mix in some relationship problems and just watch as the best comes out of the guy.  I would never wish heartache or ill will on anyone, but music wise it is welcomed when it comes to Joe Budden. This has been proven time and time again, just check his track record.  The entire “Ordinary Love Shit” series has been fire.  After releasing part 3, he set the bar pretty damn high.  Also let it be known that “OLS3” is my favorite one out of the series, but “OLS4“is no slouch, and would clearly go down as the second best out of the series in my opinion.  Joey has marked November 4th as the due date for his new EP, “Some Love Lost“, which will house the aforementioned track .


Joe Budden – “O.L.S.4

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