Jeezy – “Church In These Streets” (Stream)

The reviews have surfaced (TheGuardian) and the first week number projections (Headline Planet) have found their way to the internet.  Yet if you read the reviews and put any legitimate emphasizes into first week sales you would probably avoid this album. In the famous words of a co-worker of mine, don’t be a “Dumb Ass!” For album number 6, technically album 8 if you are a true Jeezy fan (remember Lil J???) , this is a damn good album. Jeezy decided for the first time in his career, to give you a nothing but a Jeezy album! I respect it!  If you were expecting an album heavy on big features, look elsewhere. Besides a feature from Janelle Monae and Monica, that’s all you are going to find here. And the more I dwell on it, that’s a good thing. I’m a hip hop fan, and I get pure joy out of an artist that can carry an entire album.


Jeezy – “Church In These Streets


I’m also a fan of a track heavy album. Give me music, damn it!  For the artist who thinks an album of 11 or 12 songs is sufficient, nah, you can keep those bruh! Let’s be real, if an album consists of 11 or 12 tracks, it damn near has to be perfect, which we all know that’s not going to happen. So give me music (preferably quality) and let me vibe. On “Church in these streets“, that is what Jeezy has done.  With 17 tracks and 2 interludes, it’s well worth the listen.  No big rap features, but the A list producers showed up for the ride. London on da track, Zaytoven, and TM88 all contributed to the musical landscape on the album. Overall, the album is a great Jeezy album. His trademark ad libs are present and the street talk is flourishing. Commercially, the radio singles are not there.  Once again, I’m OK with that. I think there is where a lot of artists go wrong. If it’s meant for radio, trust me, the streets will get it there. Don’t force it. But enough with me typing, go listen to the album below…..


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