J.Cole – “Born Sinner” (Stream)


After a few delays ( almost expected in hip hop now), Cole dishes up his sophomore album. And with that being said, the “sophomore slump” is nowhere to be found on this album. I consider this a more solid project than his first album, “Sideline Story“. It’s clear that Cole has found his niche when it comes to making radio singles, because “Power Trip” featuring Miguel is still getting major spins on the radio. Yet as talented as he is, J.Cole still doesn’t have that “household name status“and it’s because some would say his flow is boring. Now I wouldn’t go that far and say his flow is boring, but that “awe factor” is still alluding him. Even being backed by Hov and RocNation doesn’t seem to add to Cole’s appeal. This album will clearly go down as one of the hottest albums of summer 2013 and it deserves to. Yet it seems like something is still missing from Cole. It seems like he should be a bigger force in hip hop because the talent is there. ┬áBut if you are a fan of J.Cole, without a doubt, this album will be sure to please you and keep you entertained. Even I have made room on the iPod because I plan to ride the summer out with this joint.

J.Cole – “Born Sinner


Make sure you hit the stores, Amazon, Itunes, or however you cop your music and purchase multiple copies of this joint!


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