Goodie Mob – “Age Against The Machine” (Stream)


After a 14 year hiatus, Goodie Mob returns with technically their 5th album, yet it’s only their 4th with all the original members.  When I first got wind that Goodie Mob was reuniting, I was ecstatic! Their debut album “Soul Food” is a classic in my book and still gets played faithfully even today. Yet a lot has changed since their brilliant album hit store shelves. Cee-Lo has become a star in his own right, with television shows and his own successful solo career under his belt. The other members has sort of been dormant, with a few lackluster albums released, just not too much success. But somehow after feuds and 14 years in between albums, the collective is back, just with a sound that is far from the “Soul Food” fame. Not to say that this album is bad, it’s just it’s not what I was expecting. Yet that’s exactly how us fans get let down. We expect their old stuff, which is usually what they don’t deliver. So if you can deal with a Goodie Mob pushing the limits and being eclectic minus Organized Noise, then this album will surely be what you are looking for.

Goodie Mob – “Age Against The Machine



Make sure you hit the stores, Amazon, Itunes, or however you cop your music and purchase multiple copies of this joint!


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