Future Drops The Visual For His Club Anthem, “Shit”!!!!


For years, I swore up and down by lyrical music. I would avoid so-called “party music” at all costs unless I was at a party. To me, that made sense. “Non lyrical” music had no purpose in the headphones when you were just chilling. Damn, oh how I was wrong. I can’t front, “Non lyrical” music is really what you need in your life sometimes.  So that’s why Future is slowly starting to become my “go to guy” for the ignorance. His music is just that, ignorance, but I mean that in the most sincere manner.  Take for instance his newest single, “Shit“! The title alone, should let you know the ride that you are in store for.  It’s Future at his best and if you dig his music you will not be disappointed. Without a doubt it is a club anthem that will keep the clubs moving for months to come.  Just this past weekend, I was at The Clubb, ( no misspell, that was literally the name of the club ), ( shout out to Cordele, Ga ) chilling with Mrs.Barzoverbeats and the DJ played the “Shit” record. The club went bananas, it was epic.  I knew then, that Future has cemented his legacy as the king of the ignorant music. So Future if you ever stop by this site, just know that the respect is real. Keep doing what you do, keep the music coming.  Salute!


Future – “Shit

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