Dmx Sneaks In 8th Album To Start Off 2015 (*UPDATE*….Album May Be Fake??)

The fact that Dmx suddenly announces a new album ( “Redemption Of The Beast” ) to be released next week doesn’t sit too well with me.  Now if the year was 1998, the anticipation would be monumental.  I can’t front, late 90’s, early 2000’s, Earl Simmons sat comfortably in my 10.  Maybe even in my top 5 at the time.  Yet 17 years later, Dark Man X is hardly on anyone’s radar.  X has been through a lot over the last few years ( drugs, jail, receding hairline, etc… ), which I’m going to go out on a limb and say was the reason for his fall from grace in the hip hop world.  Dmx’s first 5 albums were pure flames, and then it all started to go down hill.  But damn the past, it’s 2015 and Earl claims that on January 13th we shall get a new studio album.  It’s actually album number 8 for X, and there seems to be no Swizz beats at the helm of the production.  With no Ruff Ryder backing as well ( who in the hell is Seven Arts Music?????) , the outcome seems even more grim for Dark Man X.  Guest appearances for the album are scarce, yet one big name lends his vocals ( Freeway).  I’m always for the underdog, which is clearly Dmx at the moment.  It would make a great “feel good” story to see Earl reclaim his glory, yet I just don’t see it happening.  X please prove me wrong.




Dmx – “Redemption Of The Beast

(in stores January 13th, 2015)

Check out the Tracklist below.

1. “Spit That Shit”
2. “Built Like A Bitch”
3. “On and On”
4. “Get Up and Try Again”
5. “Solid” feat. Rampage
6. “I’m Gonna Win”
7. “It’s A Problem”
8. “It’s Goin’ Down”
9. “Shout It”
10. “One More Night”
11. “56 Bars”
12. “Where You Been” feat. Freeway
13. “Right or Wrong” feat. Jannyce
14. “Gonna Get Mine”
15. “We Gonna Make It”
16. “Love That Bitch” feat. Jannyce


Welp, just when I got my hopes up hoping that Dmx was about to deliver some fresh new music, my dreams got dashed.  Dmx’s long time producer and partner in crime, Swizz Beats has taken to Instagram to state that the album that is due out January 13th, is fake.  He claims that Dmx is in fact working on a new album but the aforementioned album is not it. Peep it below….


Swizz1 Swizz2



Swizz3 Swizz4


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