Daniel Dwyane Simmons III sit your ass down!

First of all, shout out to you and yours on this April 1st aka “April Fool’s Day”. With that being said, when I first caught wind of this little situation, I sincerely believed it was an April Fool’s joke. Would Diggy really record a diss record toward J.Cole? Better yet, why? So I decided to do some research and head the hood CNN known to many as “Twitter”. Twitter was buzzing early this a.m. with news, so nobody seemed to have an answer as why Diggy felt the need to record a diss record or if it was even true. But Diggy’s pop, the legend Rev Run confirmed that the beef was legit.

If my calculations are correct, Diggy was born in 1995 which makes him 17 years old and Cole was born in 1985, which makes him 27 years old. In other words J.Cole is a grown ass man and Diggy is just a kid. Yet I was still wondering why Diggy felt the need to let off shots at Cole who is clearly a lyrical titan. So after careful digging and hunting, it turns out that back in 2010, Cole recorded a record called “Purple Rain” where he talked about smashing young Diggy’s sister.

J.Cole“Purple Rain”

Ok, cool, I understand, I would probably be heated too if my sister got smashed by Cole. But at the end of the day, my sister and if you have a sister, probably has been smashed by some random dude. No, that’s not calling anyone a ho. Aye, it’s life, accept it. So apparently, that was the first shot fired. Next up, Cole dropped the record “Grew up fast” earlier this year. This time, Cole referenced Diggy by name. Some may take it as a diss, but if you listen to the lyrics, to me it did not sound like Cole was trying to diss Diggy. Yet clearly, this was the second shot fired.

J.Cole“Grew Up Fast”

Diggy said “damn that, enough is enough” and dropped the track “What you say to me”
Diggy“What You Say To Me”

I guess at the end of the day, Diggy felt it was his duty to defend his family name, so I will have to salute him on that, but Daniel Dwayne Simmons III sit your ass down! You are not built for that “rap beef” life, especially against J.Cole. Yeah fam, your sister got smashed up in the dorm room and J.Cole called your rap name on record, but who gives a shit? You are a kid fam, which means the people who buy your albums ( your fan base ), ain’t trying to see you involved in a rap beef. A rap beef isn’t going to help your career or gain you album sales. That only work for rap beefs that are relevent, and this beef clearly doesn’t fall in that category. To be honest, after this week, we probably won’t even remember that this beef ever took place. So let it go, young Simmons. Because at the end of the day, no one cares b! And Cole do us all a favor and not respond. Yeah we know you are great and all, but attacking a kid ain’t cool fam and Hova probably wouldn’t approve. Bruh you are signed to RocNation, so enjoy life.

You all enjoy your Sunday.

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