Christopher Wallace …..R.I.P. (May 21,1972-March 9,1997)

Yeah, I know I’m two days late for my Biggie tribute, but I slipped up and didn’t save my actual written up tribute. I sincerely apologize, but I do owe the “King of NY” some kind of recognition. Whether you consider him the greatest or not, you can’t dispute his influence on rap music and the culture of hip hop! It has been 15 long years since his passing, but I’m at the age where I remember actually standing in line at our local Best Buy to cop “Ready to die“. “Ready to Die” is one of the greatest, themed, story telling albums ever. Don’t debate me though! Chris Wallace aka Biggie aka Notorious B.I.G., the Black Frank White, or whatever moniker you choose to call him, just make sure you add “Legend” also. But why you reminisce, take some time and peep his track “Notorious Thugs” feat Bone, clearly one of my favorite joints by him.

Notorious Big“Notorious Thugs”

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