Chris Brown & Rihanna back together?? Better yet, who cares??

The internet has been buzzing this past week with Chris Brown and Rihanna gossip. Word on the streets is that the two have reconciled their differences and have been secretly hooking up. There were tweets sent between the two camps, and soon afterwards, the music followed. Two different tracks, one by Chris featuring Rihanna and the other by Rihanna featuring Chris. Well damn it,  I’m happy for them both and could really give 2 shits if they are back smashing or not. But that’s just my opinion tho!  So if the thought of Chris and Rihanna being back together makes you feel a certain type of way and you are a male, you fall into the category of the faggot. If you are a female and are offended by them two being back together, you are clearly lonely and basic. Don’t debate me tho. But damn all that and peep the music, Chris and Rihanna have cooked up……

Chris Brown feat. Rihanna “Turn Up The Music”(Remix)

Rihanna feat.Chris Brown“Birthday Cake”(Remix)

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  • what happened was so long ago and really they are grown…if they wanna be together what does it really matter? ppl always want something to talk about and this to them is way more interesting then any real issue. I totally agree with you

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