Joe Gifted Remixes “Water” With Two Atlanta Heavy Weights

Joe Gifted’s single “Water” is still heating up the streets, and with any hot single, the remixes start to surface. Gifted has blessed the game with an official remix featuring two other Atlanta natives, Gucci Mane and Quavo. Now on paper, this combination seems like it should work and greatly add life to an already blazing record, yet in reality, the remix actually does nothing for the longevity of the record. I am not saying that Gucci and Quavo delivered mediocre verses, it is just the single was already powerful without them. I am sure the club requests for the “Water“(remix) will be rare. But take a listen to the audio below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Lil Wayne Officially Releases “Like A Man”

New solo tracks have been rare as of late when it comes to Lil Wayne. Yet Weezy features on the other hand, have been churning out. With the status of his highly anticipated “Carter 5” album still in limbo, getting new music from Wayne has become sort of a gift. About a week ago, a Weezy solo track hit the net and at first listen I was not feeling it at all. The production was different, it possessed more of a techno feel and I think that was my main factor in deciding to avoid this track. Yet a week passed and for some reason I decided to revisit it. I gave ONHEL production another try and that is when I realized that Weezy was flowing effortlessly over this electronic instrumental. Then it hit me….. only Wayne could destroy this production and lyrically he did. I’m still at the point where I am trying to figure out if I dig this “Like A Man” track, but lyrically there is no denying Wayne still has it. And maybe, just maybe, this a sign that the “Carter 5” is finally on the way.

Lil Wayne – “Like A Man

Kake Drops Off Her Newest Single, “Brazilian Mami”

Literally just got introduced to Kake, and I’m already a fan of her music. Her festive record, “Brazilian Mami” with bouncy production handled by AMEN is just different enough to give her some staying power. Plus it is always good to hear another female MC enter the fold. Now I am anticipating to see what the versatile MC has in store for us next.

via Broke2Dope


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