R.Kelly’s Classic “Down Low” Gets A Cover From The Weeknd

The Weeknd took to fellow Canadian Drake’sOVO Sound Radio” to debut his latest track. With Abel being one of the leaders of the new R&B scene, he decided to pay homage to an R&B legend (R.Kelly) and cover his classic track “Down Low“. “Down Low” was R.Kelly at his song writing best and Abel adds enough flare to the track to update it for a newer audience. We do not know if this track will live on an official release from The Weeknd or if it is just a loosie, but no matter I am sure this rendition will make the “Pied Piper” proud.

The Weeknd – “Down Low” (R.Kelly Cover)

The Saint Laurent Remix Of The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming” Is Pure 80’s Nostalgia

The Weeknd has been on a hit making streak since he first entered the game and clearly that streak seems to have no end. With his latest release, “Starboy” still getting spins, the second single from that album just got the remix treatment. Having been released almost a year ago, “I Feel It Coming” just got a nostalgia remix from Saint Laurent. The track was already dope with a R&B vibe, but Saint Laurent took it back to the 80’s and the end result turned out amazing. With R&B being on life support, it is always good to hear modern music throw back to the golden era.

The Weeknd – “I Feel It Coming” (Saint Laurent Remix)

Dej Loaf Really Gave Us The Feel Good Jam Of The Summer With “No Fear”

Dej Loaf really gave us the “most slept on” song of the summer. I must admit, it even took me a minute to realize the greatness of this record. When “No Fear” dropped back in June, yes June, it was not what I was expecting. I thought maybe she would come back with a more hip hop infused record, yet “No Fear” was pure “feel good” music. Yet I can truly say, in the month of September, I am OK with that. Whenever this joint comes on, nothing but positive vibes oozes through the speakers. I just want to tell Dej Loaf “Thank You” for giving us a great “feel good” song even when we did know we needed it. Look for her next project, “Liberated” where this single will live, to drop soon.

Dej Loaf – “No Fear

The Introduction Of “Rajitheone”

When I first heard the Minnesota native known as Rajitheone, there was one obvious and very distinct trait about him, he sounded like that guy from Toronto known as Drake. From his voice, even to the production that laced his tracks, the OVO sound was very much present. Even he addresses it on the track #WhiteGirlVoice. With that being said, my thoughts were to write him off as just another Drizzy sound alike or another OVO affiliate, yet my gut urged me to keep listening to what he had to say. After some research which turned up no albums or mixtapes, just a few tracks (literally only 3 tracks) on his Soundcloud page, I gave him another listen. His crowning achievement is the track “#WhiteGirlVoice” and the joint is actually really dope. Yet to the untrained fan ears, the record could literally come off as a new Drake record. Clearly Rajitheone career is young and he is still finding his own sound, so he gets a pass for now. The potential he has as an artist and a songwriter is enormous.


Rajitheone – “#WhitGirlVoice


Hailing From Savannah, Ga, The Artist Known As Aspen Martin

Savannah, Ga is not known for a hot bed of talent, yet a few names do come to mind when the southern city is mentioned. Big Boi from the legendary group OutKast and Pure Pain’s own Camoflauge (R.I.P.) are some of the only big names in hip hop that the city can claim. Yet if Aspen Martin has his way, the city may be destined to get more one huge star when it comes to R&B and hip hop. Aspen is following in the vein of many of the hottest artist in the game, and that is by being gifted in both singing and rapping. His latest effort titled “Relapse“, finds the musician excelling in both genres. Yet it is his melodic cut called “End Of Discussion” that will surely garner him the attention that he deserves.

Aspen Martin – “Relapse

Bibi Pays Homage To Being Broke With “Ballin'”

The first time that I heard the name “Bibi Bourelly“, it was being associated with the writing of Rihanna’s hit “Bitch Better Have My Money“. Yet Bibi was not just content with being known as a song writer for others, so the 21 year German talented songstress stepped out and displayed her skills as an artist. She released two mixtapes last year, “Free The Real pt.1” and “Free The Real pt.2“, with the latter garnering her biggest single to date, “Ballin’“. The infectious single pays homage to what many people can at least once relate to being, and this is …Broke! Bibi decided to release the visuals for her catchy single.


Bibi Bourelly – “Ballin’


Go download Bibi Bourelly latest mixtape “Free The Real pt.2

H.E.R. Is Ready To Claim Her Place Among The Elites Of R&B

The mysterious artist known as H.E.R. is continuing to bless us with great music. At the moment, not much is known about the artist except that she is extremely talented and has the voice back up the talent. Gabi Wilson (Music Matters artist who performed at the 2014 BET Music Awards) is who the media is assuming H.E.R. to be, yet as of now, nothing has been proven. With only one mixtape under her belt, she is already making waves on the net. “H.E.R. vol.1” was one of the purest R&B joints to drop last year. So it was only expected that she would continue her run into 2017. “Your Way“, her first new offering of 2017 is R&B gold. With smooth, sultry vocals atop an Aaliyah sample, “Your Way” is another strong offering to add to her already great catalog.


H.E.R. – “Your Way

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