Dave East Gives Us That New York Sound With His Newest EP

Dave East is a rare breed in today’s hip hop landscape. With the south having a choke hold on everything that hip hop puts out, East is one of the few New York artist that actually sounds like he is from New York. Let’s be honest, most music, no matter the region has lost it’s identity. Which to some, that may not be a bad thing, but I remember back when an artist sound could literally tell you where that artist was from. So it is refreshing to hear East grace a mic with that New York swag. Still backed by the legendary Nas, East releases his newest EP, “Paranoia: A True Story“. It is his first major label release (Def Jam/Mass Appeal) and the expectations are high. Back by the single “Perfect” featuring Chris Brown, Dave is clearly ready for mainstream. With his debut album on the horizon, this is the teaser to what we can expect from the 29 year East Harlem native.

Kodak Black Surprises Fans With A Sequel To His “Project Baby” Mixtape Series

Lately Kodak Black has been in the media for all the wrong reasons. Whether it is accusing Master P of charging him for advice or Kodak dissing his contemporaries, the Florida rapper has finally decided to leave the distractions alone and return to the music. Today he released the sequel to his 2013 mixtape, “Project Baby“. Laced with 19 tracks and only a few features (Offset and XXXtentacion are the only big names), we get to hear plenty of Kodak. With a fan base that is continue to grow, I am sure they will be pleased. Take a listen to the project below.


Swazy Introduces The World To Spud

The 229’s dual threat, Swazy is back for his latest offering titled “SpudSwazy“. The 14 track project sees Swazy at his best. Whether he is lacing tracks with his smooth R&B vocals or turning up with rap his ability, Swazy is comfortable as ever on this project. Backed by usual beat maker, “JoshDidThat“, tracks such as “Splash” are sure to get plenty of repeat playback.

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Meek Mill Makes His Return With “DC4”

Meek Mill finally decided to do what he does best and that is make music. As a fan of Meek’s music, I was truly excited to know that Milly had music in the pipe line.  Even without a strong catalog, Meek has always been able to keep my attention. My go-to track from Meek will always be the “Intro” off of his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. Say what you want but that record is pure audio crack. Yet for the last year and half, Meek Milly actually making music has been an afterthought. After dropping a dope sophomore album, linking up with the baddest female in the rap game (Nicki Minaj), Meek decided to punch a hole in his own armor by going after his one time collaborator, Drake. I do not think Meek expected the cards to fall the way they did. Drake responded with multiple diss tracks and the internet chose sides, with Meek being on the losing end. With the dust finally settling, Meek picked himself back up, and got back in the studio. Picking up where his successful mixtape series left off, Robert Williams cooked up “DC4“(Dreamchasers4).

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Guilty Pleasure Of The Week ……. Kent Jones – “Don’t Mind”

Kent Jones has been bubbling since probably the middle of 2015, yet that’s also probably how long I have been trying to avoid liking his runaway single “Don’t Mind”. Officially signed to DJ Khaled imprint “We The Best”, the south Florida native seems to be poised to stick around for a while. With his mixtape “Tours” continuing to rack up download numbers, Kent just might be able to become a household name. I tried for months to dislike this song, and I failed. This joint is now in regular rotation and I’m not ashamed to admit it. So don’t take my word for it, take a listen below and I’m sure you all will start to play this record more than need be as well.

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Kyng Performed The Biggest Troll Ever!

Young Thug decided last year that if Wayne didn’t release “The Carter 6“, that he would release his own album under that same title. Wayne didn’t take too kindly to this gesture and threatened litigation if Thugger went forth with his plan. Thugger felt he was paying homage, Weezy felt it was disrespect. So in the end, Thugger tweaked his title, changed it to”The Barter 6” and all was well. Now if I remember correctly, Weezy did sort of the same thing by naming his album “500 Degreez” after Juvie’s (who was his former label mate) “400 Degreez“, but that’s a whole other story which I will not dive into at the present moment. Fast forward to March 2016, and an unknown artist by the name of Kyng has decided to repay Thugger the favor.

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Swazy Returns With His New Mixtape …. “Bih My Name Swazy”

Swazy set the 229 ablaze yesterday when he dropped his highly anticipated mixtape “Bih My Name Swazy“. Hosted by DJ Chill Will, Swazy took the gloves off and gave us 22 tracks of pure heat on this project. With some of the usual suspects showing up to lace the instrumentals (JoshDidThat and BlockoDaKidd) plus a few others, this joint was destined to not disappoint.

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