Swazy Takes It Poolside For His “Splash” Video

Swazy gave us major flames back in June when he released his latest project, “SpudSwazy” The lead single, “Splash“, from that mixtape has been heating up southern Georgia, so it was only right that it got the visual treatment. The video is directed by Karltin Bankz, who creates the perfect backdrop for Swazy’s smash single.¬†Swazy brings along his go-to producer JoshDidThat as well as snatches up some the hottest women in the city and takes the party to the pool.

Swazy – “Splash

R.Kelly’s Classic “Down Low” Gets A Cover From The Weeknd

The Weeknd took to fellow Canadian Drake’sOVO Sound Radio” to debut his latest track. With Abel being one of the leaders of the new R&B scene, he decided to pay homage to an R&B legend (R.Kelly) and cover his classic track “Down Low“. “Down Low” was R.Kelly at his song writing best and Abel adds enough flare to the track to update it for a newer audience. We do not know if this track will live on an official release from The Weeknd or if it is just a loosie, but no matter I am sure this rendition will make the “Pied Piper” proud.

The Weeknd – “Down Low” (R.Kelly Cover)

The Air Jordan XXXII Has Arrived

Is it a crazy fact that we are actually at the 32nd release of the Air Jordan shoe. Without a doubt, the Air Jordan is the most iconic shoe ever to hit the market. With a release date almost upon us, the 32nd iteration of the shoe is ready for prime time. With the Air Jordan XXXI (31) paying homage the original Air Jordan I with its design, the Air Jordan XXXII decides to pay homage the Air Jordan II. The Air Jordan II was released back 1987 and its iconic design cues show up in 30 years later in the Air Jordan XXXII. With the Italy inspired¬†Rosso CorsaRed” colorway poised for the first release on September 23rd, it’s sure to be a big week for the Jordan brand.

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The Saint Laurent Remix Of The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming” Is Pure 80’s Nostalgia

The Weeknd has been on a hit making streak since he first entered the game and clearly that streak seems to have no end. With his latest release, “Starboy” still getting spins, the second single from that album just got the remix treatment. Having been released almost a year ago, “I Feel It Coming” just got a nostalgia remix from Saint Laurent. The track was already dope with a R&B vibe, but Saint Laurent took it back to the 80’s and the end result turned out amazing. With R&B being on life support, it is always good to hear modern music throw back to the golden era.

The Weeknd – “I Feel It Coming” (Saint Laurent Remix)

Controversy Aside, XXXTENTACION Delivers A Dope Project

When XXXTENTACION (I still can not pronounce his name ) burst onto the hip hop scene, he was instantly encompassed in controversy. I first caught wind of him while he was still locked in prison. It a disheartening statistic that in hip hop music, prison is common place, yet it was XXX actual charges that were alarming. XXX had pending charges of false imprisonment, witness tampering, and aggravated battery on his alleged pregnant ex-girlfriend,¬†including charges of domestic battery by strangulation placed by the victim. With all that information going public, I wrote XXXTENTACION off. I did not give his a music a chance and intentionally avoided it. Yet I was still fascinated with what everyone else saw in this guy. With court looming and if found guilty, he could be facing major time, I told myself to let the justice system work. If everything that was being spewed about XXX turned out to be true, I would literally be done with his music. Yet until then, I thought maybe give the kid a chance. Finally XXX drops his first complete body of work and it is his debut project, “17“. Against everything morally right within me, I gave the project an honest listen. I was thoroughly surprised by the fact that it was actually an “alright” album.

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Lil Uzi Vert Gives Us The Next Chapter In His “Luv Is Rage” Series

Lil Uzi Vert finally released his highly anticipated next chapter in his Luv Is Rage series. With major buzz building up around his name and one of the hottest singles of the year (“XO Tour Lif3”), Uzi has all the chips in his corner. With the new crop of rappers that are at the forefront, Uzi is leading the charge, so his debut would have the most eyes on it. The first “Luv Is Rage” was the breakout mixtape that Uzi released back in 2015. Since then, a lot has changed for Lil Uzi Vert, the obvious being that he is now a bonafide star. With that accolade attached to his name, comes high expectations. With features being limited on his debut release, Uzi only brings along The Weeknd and Pharrell. For the instrumentals, some of the industry’s hottest join the party. TM88, Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne, etc. all show to bring out the best in the self-proclaimed “rock star“. With mostly positive reviews by the industry, this release is surely to only add to the star power that Uzi gracing the hip hop scene with.

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Dej Loaf Really Gave Us The Feel Good Jam Of The Summer With “No Fear”

Dej Loaf really gave us the “most slept on” song of the summer. I must admit, it even took me a minute to realize the greatness of this record. When “No Fear” dropped back in June, yes June, it was not what I was expecting. I thought maybe she would come back with a more hip hop infused record, yet “No Fear” was pure “feel good” music. Yet I can truly say, in the month of September, I am OK with that. Whenever this joint comes on, nothing but positive vibes oozes through the speakers. I just want to tell Dej Loaf “Thank You” for giving us a great “feel good” song even when we did know we needed it. Look for her next project, “Liberated” where this single will live, to drop soon.

Dej Loaf – “No Fear

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