Can “Views From The 6” Live Up To The Hype?

Now that Kanye his given us “TLOP“, Drake is next up to bat with the most anticipated album of the year. After a remarkable 2015, with “Hotling Bling” becoming his biggest hit single to date, coming out unscathed in his spat with Meek, ghost writing allegations bouncing off his armor, and dropping a highly successful mixtape with Future, Drizzy seems unstoppable in 2016. The hype surrounding his forthcoming album, “Views From The 6” is at feverish levels, especially since the album is expected literally to drop at any day now. Yet the million dollar question is, Can Aubrey deliver???

So far the details of “VFT6” are scarce. With no true single out to gauge the album off of, it just makes the album that more of a mystery. Drake is without a doubt one of raps titans, yet he has no classic album under his belt. “Take Care” is as close of masterpiece that we have from Drizzy. He is literally dominating the rap game and has for the past years, yet the only accomplishment that he has left to achieve for the rap purists is to deliver that magnum opus or classic album. As a fan, I am or was hoping that “VFT6” is it. Yet with the loosies (or potentially album cuts ) that have hit the net as of late, I’m starting to have doubts.


To begin, “Summer 16” is a dope record and actually hyped me up even more for the album. It was Drake being the aggressor and finishing off Meek Mill. Then Drizzy went left and hit us with “Controlla” and “These Days“. “Controlla” is not a horrible record, just has a dance hall feel to it, and not what I want on “VFT6“. “These Days” does fall in the horrible category and I can do without ever hearing it again. After hearing the latter 2 records, the doubt set in. Had the once invincible Drake become human? The records were far from hits and just mediocre with not much replay value. Then last week, Aubrey hit us with “Faithful“, a track featuring the late Pimp C. The song is a step in the right direction even if it featured a recycled verse from the late Pimp C that had already been recycled before. Then out of the blue, 2 more tracks leaked today. “Pop Style” featuring Kanye and Jay Z and “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyla. “One Dance” falls in the same vein as “Hotline Bling“, so it may stick around awhile, yet “Pop Style” is a complete let down. First of all, Hov didn’t even show up.  He literally gave 1/64 of a bar and dipped and Drake spewed some of his worse metaphors to date. That “Chaining Tatum” line is dumpster juice bad. Ye did deliver a legit verse, yet it wasn’t enough to save the track. So if any of the aforementioned tracks are any indication of what “VFT6” will have in store, let Drizzy know he can keep it and we will listen to “Hotline Bling” until his next album is done. Let’s pray these are all loosies and Drizzy is saving the magic for the actual album.




Drake – “Summer 16


Drake feat. Paapcan – “Controlla


Drake – “These Days


Drake feat. Pimp C – “Faithful


Drake feat. The Throne (Kanye & Jay Z) – “Pop Style


Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla – “One Dance


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