AlPoko Don Spitting Thought Provoking Hip Hop From The Stoop.

Presenting ………… AlPoko Don


First and foremost, dude is a beast on the mic. He has that voice that captivates listeners and makes you want to hear more. Even his old-fashioned, yet unique way of beating on whatever is around him to gain his instrumental is awe-inspiring. I was actually put on to AlPoko Don formally Dondada’s music a few weeks ago. It was a joint called “Talk to God” that caught my attention….

Dondada ( AlPoko Don ) – “Talk To God


…. yet I’ve been hard pressed to find out much about this guy. I did find out that he is out of the dirty south, repping Greenville, South Carolina. But that’s about all the concrete info that I could muster up. All the videos that I was finding on him was dating back over a year with nothing new surfacing. It was almost like he had vanished. There are rumors swirling that he was doing a 8 year bid. So I was starting to think that the videos that are out could be mad old. The mystery surrounding Dondada was just as memorizing as his music. Just peep the few YouTube videos, and you will clearly see how talented the man is and the potential he possess. Yet just when I had given up hope that South Carolina’s hidden gem has faded to black, a new video surfaced.

AlPoko Don – “Street Life


And to top it all off, I had found his twitter account. It turned out that a name change was the reason he had gotten ghost on the world wide web. And just like he has done in his past videos, he give us the lyrical prowess along with his signature laugh and his homemade instrumentals. If you are a fan of hip hop, give his music a listen and you will see this is what the game has been missing. If his twitter is legit, he is stating that he will be releasing a Ep titled “The Ol’ Soul“. It’s safe to say that this joint will be for me the most anticipating release of 2013 so far.


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