After Numerous Name Changes, The Most Polarizing Album Of The Year Is Here….”The Life Of Pablo”

Friday, February 11th came and went, yet there was still no sign of Kanye’s latest album. After numerous name changes, a joint promo venture with his “Yeezy’s Season 3” clothing line at Madison Square Garden, and other unnecessary gimmicks, I was beginning to think that the hype had overshadowed the actual album. Then finally, yes finally two days later Ye delivered his much hyped album, “The Life Of Pablo“.

Now that the album is here, I’m about to dive into it and prepare a review. For the last week or so, Ye has had the internet in a frenzy just gearing up for this album release. Whether it was his twitter spats or the track-listing changes, the masses have been anticipating this album. So for now, I’m about to put the computer down and give this joint a thorough listen. Check back later for my review of Kanye’s – “The Life Of Pablo“. Enjoy the music below……

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