50 Cent Is Back, Yet We Have Not Noticed.

50 Cent dropped some of his best music that we have heard from him over the last decade this past December, yet it seemed that we the fans didn’t notice. 50 gave us “The Kanan Tape“, a mixtape based on the character that he plays on the show “Power“. Laced with 9 tracks, 50 dug deep and gave us the 50 that we had been longing for. The mixtape had Curtis spitting some of his most gritty rhymes over top-notch production. Yet it was one track in particular that really caught my attention, and that was “I’m The Man“. Atlanta’s own Sonny Digital delivered one of his most potent instrumentals to date and Curtis did his due diligence by spitting pure flames all over it. 50 decided to take the track to the next level and remix it with Chris Brown. This track should have been 50’s fall back into grace, but for some reason it is still getting slept on. Maybe it’s time we take notice and realize that maybe, just maybe Ferrari 50 is back!



I’m The Man” the short film by 50 Cent

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