50 Cent – “Animal Ambition” (Stream)

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It’s 2014 and a lot has changed for the rapper known to the world as 50 Cent.  It has been 11 since his debut album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ “flew off the store shelves, delivering over 9 million copies to date. His once untouchable squad, “G-Unit” is currently in limbo, running the risk of never recording a track again as a collective. He is also no longer apart of the Interscope/Aftermath/Shady powerhouse that he helped build. Even those Eminem features and Dr.Dre instrumentals seem to be a thing of the past.  Yet Curtis Jackson is prepping to release to the world on June 3rd, his 5th studio album titled “Animal Ambition“.The often delayed album will finally see the light of day, yet the million dollar question is “Does anyone still care to hear it???”  The rap game has continued to evolve and 50 has not had a major hit in years, so the odds are against him. The notorious beefs that Curtis was know for are old news now and I’m sure making “new beefs” does not provide the same marketing magic that it once did. So 50 took a different route with this album, he took his past foes and collaborated with them.  Smart move???? I honestly think at this point in 50’s career, it’s a little too late to matter.  Years ago, that method would have had blogs (including this one) and media outlets in a frenzy, but not so much now. So with this release, 50 is depending on pure talent and the hopes that the name “50 cent” still carries weight and can still move units.  Well we all know that Ferrari 50 was never the most talented lyricist, so at this  point 50 is betting on his name sake and luck.  I honestly do not want to see 50 fail, yet I’m just not confident the man has what it takes to gains his stardom back.  As always, you the fans be the judge and take a listen to the album below.


50 Cent – “Animal Ambition



Available June. 3rd


Make sure you hit the stores, AmazonItunes, or however you cop your music and purchase multiple copies of this joint!



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