“2014 is finally here, and 2013 is no more”

Welp ladies and gentlemen, after 9 days in, I have finally decided to post. Yeah, yeah, we all know that I’ve got to do better. I apologize in advance, just remember I’m a work in progress. Yet I’m going to join in with about 97% of the USA and proclaim that this is my year. With one only difference, and that is that I actually mean it. Barzoverbeats.com has come a long way over the last year and if you visit often, the visual changes are apparent.  I started 2014 off with a brand new design. The goal is to give you all the greatest content on the net in the most visually stunning way possible. Don’t believe me, just watch as I quote from Mr.All Gold Everything.  Expect the hottest music here first! Expect the greatest comedy of everyday life here first. Expect the best from Twitter here first. Expect the dopest fashion here first. I plan to deliver it all.  So thank you all for continual support of the movement, and promise do give you all nothing but greatness. Salute!

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